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Tutoring - Writing Resources


RESEARCHquickstart has a listing of helpful resources for writing papers.

If you need to strengthen your skills in preparation for college writing courses, consider one or both of the following courses. For questions about these courses or for assistance in registering, contact your campus advisor.

ENG 0090 Essentials of Writing I: Effective Sentences and Paragraphs (2 credits)
Introduces parts of speech, phrases, clauses, types of sentences, common sentence errors, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling. Students write sentences and paragraphs to demonstrate understanding of these basic skills.

ENGL 0095 Essentials of Writing II: Effective Essays (2 credits)
Introduces outlining, thesis statements, introductions and conclusions, transitions, direct and indirect discourse, awareness of audience, and levels of formality. Students write brief essays to demonstrate an understanding of these basic skills.