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Tutoring - Study Skills

Many students just don't know how to study efficiently. And they suffer needlessly because of it. Usually no one has shown them "the tricks of the trade."

Powerpoint Presentations

These Power Point Presentations contain information on useful study skills techniques. The presentations are meant to be viewed independently by students and may be reviewed as often as needed.

  1. Learning Time Management
  2. Taking Effective Notes from Textbooks
  3. Taking Effective Notes from Lecture
  4. Mastering Tests
  5. Stress Management

Research Quickstart has helpful study skills resources.

Minnesota West offers Study Skills courses for college credit. All courses, except those numbered "00" will transfer into a degree program as electives. For questions about these courses or for assistance in registering, contact your campus advisor.

STSK 0091 Basic Math Skills (1 credit)
Provides individualized assistance to students who need to improve their basic math skills. The course covers fractions, decimals, metric, percents, ratio and proportions, and solving for "x".

STSK 0092 Basic Skills Development (2 credits)
Offers individualized assistance to students desiring basic skills necessary for success in college.

STSK 0095 Reading Improvement (2 credits)
Provides improvement of reading skills for students underprepared for college level reading. The focus is on basic comprehension with additional instruction in vocabulary and word recognition. Placement by Accuplacer assessment score.

STSK 0096 Increasing College Vocabulary (2 credits)
Designed for students who need to increase vocabulary and spelling skills for job success, continuation in college, are culturally diverse students, and others who want to make better use of Standard English.

STSK 1104 Efficient Reading (2 credits)
Offers students the opportunity to improve academic performance by developing higher levels of comprehension. Emphasis is on gaining knowledge from college textbooks.

STSK 1108 Improvement of Study Skills (2 credits)
Provides students the knowledge and techniques necessary for effective study in college. Topics include time management, taking lecture notes, textbook learning, compiling and organizing for remembering, and test-taking techniques.

STSK 1110 Freshman Seminar (1 credit)
Enhances the student's adjustment and success with the college experience. The Freshman Seminar course provides first-year students with a general orientation and introduction to resources and skills helpful in the transition to college life and to assist in long term academic and personal success. It is designed to facilitate a successful college experience. Students will develop college-level study skills and will learn about college resources to assist them in their personal and academic adjustment to college life. Strategies for a successful college experience, including: time management, studying smart, taking notes from lecture and textbooks, writing, test taking techniques, stress management, learning teaching styles, preparing speeches, introduction to online learning, navigating D2L Brightspace and ITV/distance learning will be covered.