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Degree Audit Reporting System (Dars)

The interactive DARS report is designed to help you identify and understand current academic requirements for your degree or program completion. This program will monitor your progress by:

  • identifying all requirements needed to complete a specific program.

  • indicating courses already completed and how they pertain to the requirements.

  • specifying what is still needed to complete the degree or program.

  • identifying courses you may select to satisfy each requirement to help plan a semester schedule.

View your degree audit report now!

(This link goes to the e-Services Student Account page where you will need to log in. Scroll down on the page for DARS instructions.)

What the DARS is Not

The DARS report is not a transcript. DARS is a tool designed to assist you and your advisor in the advising process. 

How to Read your Interactive Degree Audit