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PSEO: Textbooks

Books are available two weeks prior to the start of each semester and remain available through the first week of each semester.

To avoid being charged for books:

  • Return textbooks within two business days of dropping a course.
  • Return textbooks the day after finals, if possible, but no later than ten business days.
  • Return textbooks and materials in the condition in which they were received.
  • Return all items, including access codes, unless otherwise specified.
  • If returning by mail,
      - Be sure your bookstore receives the materials within ten business days of the end of your course.
      - Be sure to include your name, student ID, and the name of your high school.

The PSEO program will pay for textbooks and materials required for your PSEO course. Students may purchase any optional books and supplies at their own discretion. Under certain circumstances, students may be charged for textbooks and supplies that become the property of the PSEO student, e.g., some technical program kits. Check with the bookstore for more information.

Options to get textbooks and supplies

Picking up textbooks and supplies at a Minnesota West bookstore

  • Print a copy of your class schedule using your eServices Student Account and bring it with you to the bookstore.
  • Check with bookstore staff that your name appears on the list of PSEO students who are authorized to pick up textbooks and supplies. This means all PSEO paperwork has been submitted and processed. Only the student, parent/guardian, or counselor may pick up books.  
  • Locate your books as directed by bookstore staff or ask a bookstore employee for assistance.
  • At check-out, tell the bookstore staff that you are a PSEO student and sign necessary paperwork.

Ordering textbooks online
You will need your class schedule and Student ID for online ordering. The number is an 8-digit number (not your Star ID). Example: 12345678

  1. Go to the College Online Bookstore and select Log In from the orange bar at the top of the page. 
  2. If this is your first time using the site, you will need to create a user Profile. Select the Register Here link and then choose Create profile for Browsing and Shopping. After entering your information, complete the registration by selecting Register at the lower right of the page. Save your username and password as you will need it each time/semester that you shop.
      - You should create your own profile, rather than use the profile of a family member or friend.
  3. Select your Campus Bookstore. In the Orange Bar at the top of the page, hover over Textbooks and select your campus:
      - Select Canby Bookstore to order books for Canby, Granite Falls & Pipestone students.
      - Select Jackson Bookstore to order books for Jackson students.
      - Select Worthington Bookstore to order books for Worthington, Luverne, Online, & all nursing students.
  4. Select Your Term by clicking on it. This will activate the Department list.
  5. From your class schedule, select your Department of your first course, e.g., ACCT.  This will activate the Course selection field.
  6. From your class schedule, select the Course and Section in which you are registered. Then choose the Blue Button, Add Selection, located on the right side of the screen.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for each class in which you are enrolled.
  8. When fiinished making course selections, scroll down and review your course list. When you are satisfied, select the Blue Button, Get Course Materials, at the bottom of the page.
  9. Make your new/used book selections and add them to your shopping cart.
  10. Answer any necessary order questions and then select, Continue to Checkout.
  11. Choose Campus Pick-up or Ship Order.
  12. Enter Payment information:
     a.  Select the option, Financial Aid/3rd Party/VA/PSEO/NELNET (Based on your Student ID, the system will know in which category you belong).
     b.  If you get an error or your order fails, please review the message and proceed as instructed.
     c. You may add any notes in the free type box at the bottom before hitting the final submit button.
  13. When your selections are complete, you are ready to finalize your order. Select the Blue Button, Submit Order. It is IMPORTANT to be sure you get a confirmation number. This number is specific to your order and aids us when you make any inquiries regarding your purchase. If you don’t get a confirmation number, your order DID NOT get placed.  Example:  Order #1000
  14. Once your order is placed, you will receive status report emails as your order progresses. It is very important to check the email that you provided to us. If there are delays/complications/payment problems with your order, we communicate through the email address you provide at the time of check out. Please be prompt in responding so we can in turn get your order delivered to you in a timely fashion.