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PSEO Program/REACH Program

PSEO Program

Students can get a jump start on earning college credits by taking college courses while they are in still in high school through Minnesota’s PSEO program. This program allows students to take college courses tuition free, saving both time and money on completing a college degree. PSEO courses may also fulfill high school course requirements and count toward a high school diploma.

PSEO Admission Requirements and Application Process  
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PSEO Career and Technical Course Options
PSEO General Education Course Options
PSEO AP and IB Options
PSEO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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PSEO Academic Advisors are available at each of our campus/center locations to answer questions and provide guidance about the PSEO program. Contact one of them directly for assistance. 
REACH Program (PSEO Concurrent Enrollment)

The REACH program is a collaborative effort between Minnesota West Community & Technical College and area high schools. This partnership offers qualified high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to earn college credit in their high school setting during regular school hours. All REACH program courses are taught by pre-approved, qualified high school teachers who partner with faculty members from the college. Students who successfully complete a REACH program concurrent enrollment course receive high school credit and Minnesota West college credit. 

Concurrent Enrollment

Many high schools offer PSEO courses through concurrent enrollment, allowing students to take college courses taught by highly qualified high school teachers without having to leave the high school. Under certain circumstances, students in grade 9 or 10 may also be allowed to take concurrent enrollment courses.

If you are interested in PSEO or concurrent enrollment, talk to your high school guidance counselor and college/university admissions staff or go to the Minnesota State website. Most campuses have deadlines for enrollment applications - November for spring enrollment and June for fall enrollment. Local school districts also need to be notified by May 1 for fall semester starts. Check with your district and college or university for their specific deadline dates.

REACH Program Information