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About Us

Mission - Vision - Values


Minnesota West Community & Technical College is dedicated to serving the varied educational needs of our diverse populations in affordable, accessible and supportive settings.

  1. To provide pre-professional and liberal arts courses which lead to Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees. The courses are designed to transfer to a four-year college or university and will apply toward a baccalaureate degree.

  2. To provide certificate, diploma, and Associate of Applied Science degree courses for students working to develop and enhance occupational or technical competence leading toward employment or further education.

  3. To provide learning opportunities for people of varying ages, backgrounds, and abilities with a particular focus and commitment to retraining and lifelong learning.

  4. To provide continuing education, management education, and customized training for professions, businesses, and industries.

  5. To provide facilities for programs, activities, conferences, teleconferences, and courses to meet community needs.

  6. To provide extended educational opportunities by means of flexible scheduling and delivery.

  7. To provide effective and efficient use of resources through partnerships with agencies, other educational institutions, businesses and industries.

  8. To provide continuous improvement processes via assessment, evaluation and upgrading of programs and services, and to support the professional development of college personnel.

  9. To provide the resources to meet the contemporary standards of facilities, informational resources, technology, and teaching strategies to ensure quality educational outcomes.

  10. To provide comprehensive student services enabling academic and personal growth toward lifelong learning.


Minnesota West Community & Technical College provides dynamic, responsive, creative, and quality education to a diverse population in an ever-changing educational, business and cultural environment.

  • Access: To provide students with access to learning and information through electronic education and technology in addition to traditional methods of instruction.

  • Position Students: To provide students with transferable credit, employment skills, and the ability to access lifelong learning.

  • Regional Needs: To be a partner with agencies, other educational institutions, businesses and industries in regional economic development.

  • Continuing Evaluation: To continue evaluating all College activities, programs, and functions with regard to service to students, performance outcomes, fiscal accountability, and cost effectiveness to insure future College growth and success.

  • Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Goals: To support goals of Academic Accountability, Skill-based Transfer, Career Education, Electronic Education, Program Alignment, and Minnesota State/K-12 Partnership.


We value excellence in an environment of mutual learning that is respectful, consistent, and dependable.