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HLC Re-accreditation

Timetable for Minnesota West Self-Study 2011



Appoint NCA self-study coordinator

October 2008

Appoint self-study steering committee

February-March 2009

Coordinator and committee member attend NCA annual meeting in Chicago

April 2009

Organize self-study steering committee

April 2009

Outline self-study subcommittee tasks

Summer 2009

Report on NCA self-study at all-faculty duty day

August 2009

Appoint self-study Subcommittee Co-chairs

September 2009

Appoint faculty and staff to self-study subcommittees

October 2009

Begin monthly reports in "Nickel News"

October 2009

Subcommittees meet to plan strategies

October-November 2009

Subcommittees gather data and reach conclusions

October 2010-February 2010

Propose dates for site visit

November 2009

Set dates for site visit

December 2009

Submit subcommittee reports to coordinator

March-April 2010

Begin final draft of self-study report

March 2010

Attend NCA Pre-conference meeting and Annual meeting

April 2010

Begin regular meetings with Dr. Shrubb and Dr. Williamson

April 2010

Visit from NCA liaison, Dr. Karen Solomon

December 2010

Post HLC Survey on college website

September 2010-February 2011

Submit draft of report to steering committee for review and comment

October-November 2010

Revise draft and submit to entire college community for review and comment

March 2011

Attend HLC Annual meeting

April 2011

Solicit third party comment in Daily Globe, other area publications, and website

June 2011

Submit Self-Study Report to visiting team of C/Es

July 2011

Assemble materials for electronic and physical resource room

October 2011

Comprehensive Visit

October 31-November 2, 2011