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HLC Re-accreditation

Reports and Documents

Required Materials for the PEAQ Comprehensive Visit


Materials Set I - Self-Study Report and Appendices


*Note that all documents for this self-study linked here are the document "snapshots" from the visit in October/November 2011.  More current versions of these documents, if applicable, may be available elsewhere on the web site.  Please use the Search or A-Z Index.


   2011 Self-Study Report (PDF:1.95 MB)

   Appendix B

    Institutional Snapshot 
    Federal Compliance Materials 
    List of Documents in Resource Room (see also Virtual Resource Room)

Materials Set II

   Employee Handbook
   Faculty Handbook
   2011-2012 Student Handbook
    Note:  The Student Handbook is no longer published. All handbook content is now on Current Students.
   MnSCU Annual Financial Report, 2010
   MnSCU Annual Financial Report Supplement, 2010 
   MnSCU Annual Financial Report, 2009
   MnSCU Annual Financial Report Supplement, 2009

   Minnesota West College Catalog 2010-2012

Other Reports 
   2001 Self-Study 
   2003 Request for Institutional Change 
   HLC Survey Results 
   Library Collection Development Policy