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HLC 2011 Re-accreditation

Message from the President

As enthusiastic participants in a voluntary accreditation procedure, we at Minnesota West see the value of accreditation in several ways.

First, the process of gathering together and documenting our activities reminds us of the many good things we’re accomplishing here at Minnesota West.

Second, the several-year process of self-study, and the product of the Self-Study Report, will serve as planning and guidance materials that we can use for years to come.

Third, through this process we can share with and glean from our colleagues in other parts of the nation, both as a collective institution as well as individually for professional development. Ultimately, the wider we spread our communication umbrella throughout the accrediting experience, the better, and we encourage as much participation as our constituents can contribute.

Richard G. Shrubb, Ph.D.
President, Minnesota West Community & Technical College


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